1) Select a Screening   
Select a film screening nearest to you and reserve your tickets. Your payment will be authorized securely by Paypal, but not charged until the displayed minimum number of tickets are sold.

2) Spread the Word  
A screening will only take place if a minimum number of tickets are sold, so invite your friends to the screening - they will be thankful that you did!

3) Enjoy the Show   
Now that enough people will be joining you and a screening is confirmed, just walk into the theater with your printed eTicket (PayPal invoice) and enjoy the show!

What people think of DEMANDED FILMS

“entertaining and engaging”

Variety on The Gardener

“intimate, discursive”

New York Times on The Gardener

“good-humored, deep”

The Hollywood Reporter on The Gardener

“poetic, impressionistic, metaphorical”

Los Angeles Times on The Gardener